1. Introduction

The DCP is licenced on a free and paid basis depending on the type of user and which features are used.

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Frequently Asked Questions are shown in topical sections following. These are simple questions answered typically in 1-2 paragraphs. If it is more complex and lengthy, refer to the Knowledge Base Articles in the major section following this.


Q: How to purchase an additional licence for a new doctor commencing at a Practice?
A: You will need to access a running instance of DCP and access the about page then click the manage licences.
Purchase is via Paypal and requires a credit card.
Instructions are here:

Q: Do I need a PayPal Account to purchase a Licence?
A: No. PayPal is only the payment vendor (gateway). It merely facilitates the usage of a credit card or debit card. (Although you can use a PayPal account if you have one.)

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Name Description and Significance
DCP Licencing Management
This is the basic information about DCP Licensing Management.

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