Hypertension Disease

1. Introduction

Hypertension Disease is managed by several features of the DCP including Clinical Prompts, as well in Patient Centric Documents and Taskflows.

2. Background

3. Benchmarks

4. Self-Learning Resources

4.1 Video Guides

All video guides will be compiled into a single YouTube Playlist.

Hypertension YouTube Playlist

These video updates are intended to be a 2-3 minutes brief tour of any new features or improvements added. They are published approximately monthly, and are listed in the following table:

Name Description Video Date
Resolving Uncoded Hypertension Part 1 - Introduction for March 2017 This is an introduction as part of a larger series about using the DCP for the Hypertension Disease. It presents the basics to start and use the Resolving Uncoded Hypertension Taskflow and then describes the importance of diagnosing Hypertension and blood pressure measurement, It also outlines how the taskflow is used to contact the patient via SMS about home monitoring devices. YouTube Video 30-Apr-2017

4.2 Document Guides

These resources will be added later as and when produced.

5. Training

Training events and resources to be added later.

6. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions are shown in topical sections following. These are simple questions answered typically in 1-2 paragraphs. If it is more complex and lengthy, refer to the Knowledge Base Articles in the major section following this.

<Topic Group 1>

Q: Question 1?

A: Answer 1.

Q: Question 2?
A: Answer 2.
   1. Point 1
   2. Point 2.

7. Knowledge Base Articles

7.1 Technical and Clinical Questions with Known Solutions

The following document guides are listed in the following table. Some might be related to each other where a video guide has a matching document guide which could contain for detail.

Name Description Document Video Date

8. Links

These are links to other webpages related to this topic.

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