Jodi Lee Foundation working with Doctors Control Panel to improve screening for bowel cancer


The mission of the Jodi Lee Foundation is to improve prevention, screening and early detection of bowel cancer.  The Foundation has chosen to work with the Doctors Control Panel, which now points patients to useful information on the Foundation’s Website via SMS messages and via information sheets that can be printed during consultations.
The Foundation sponsors the cost of sending SMS messages to patients to educate and remind them about screening that is due for them.


Bowel Cancer Management using the DCP FAQ

This Reference Guide aims to present a series of Frequently Asked Questions (in long form) on Bowel Cancer Management using the DCP.

As its a FAQ document, it is likely to be updated regularly.

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Waiting Room Information Sheet Automatic Printing

This Promotional Brochure aims to present an overview of the Waiting Room Information Sheet automatic printing feature of the Doctors Control Panel.


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DCP JLF Integration - Overview for November 2016

This will show you some new features in the Doctors Control Panel software that can help you to improve screening for bowel cancer in your practice.
The problem that we are trying to solve is that only about one third of people who receive a bowel cancer screening kit from the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program actually use the kit.


Waiting Room Auto-Print Bowel Cancer Screening - Overview for February 2017

An outline of what is required to be done to activate Waiting Room Information Sheets for Patients, and show an example of one.
Presentation Aims:

  • Setting the Waiting Room Application
  • Describing the Filter and printing Trigger
  • Showing the Information Sheet
  • Adding Windows Desktop Shortcut and Automatic Computer Startup

Promotional Brochure-Waiting Room Info.pdf


Trust Your Gut

Trust your Gut is a new campaign by the Jodi Lee Foundation about Bowel Cancer Screening.

For more information, see this link:


Video Play List- All Clinical and General

Bowel Cancer topics, clinically lead by Dr Oliver Frank


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