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We would like to offer you the opportunity to use the leading point of care solution for General Practice: the Doctors Control Panel.


What Features are Free, on Trial and Subscription?

The Doctors Control Panel – the DCP – has a mixture of useful features that are available to use on a free and subscription  paid basis as shown in the feature matrix following. Only healthcare provider users with provider numbers require annual subscription licencing, i.e. General Practitioners. Non-providers can access billing features and clinical features by selecting a licenced provider to create a document for.


Subscription Features



Billing Features



MBS Items Indicators Row – Billing Prompts

30 days Trial





Extra Features



Patient Centric Documents

30 days Trial

Requires selection of licenced provider

Team Centric Documents

30 days Trial

Requires selection of licenced provider




SMS Features



DCP Results

Included *

Not available

Taskflows Messaging

First 100 Messages

First 100 Messages


* Subject to Fair Usage


Annual Subscription Pricing and Multiple Licences


·       $150 for DCP with billing support

·       $100 for DCP when no supported billing package in use

·       Discount of 20% for purchases of multiple licences will be applied to all but the first licence, i.e. second, third etc.
**when purchased in the one transaction


Further information on subscribing, including how to purchase and maintain your licences for the practice, visit this webpage:


How to install the DCP?


Using Microsoft Internet Explorer, visit the webpage:


Click Install and then follow the prompts.


Watch an Introduction to the DCP


There is a short 20 minute video that introduces the DCP more comprehensively:


What is the basic support of the DCP?


We provide these basic support services for the DCP:


·       Video Media of self-help demonstration video clips


·       Email:

Most support issues can be handled by email.

Allow 24 hours for response.


·       Phone: (03) 9013 5453
Support available 9AM-6PM Victorian Time on

For sales and integration enquiries and for issues requiring expedient resolution.


When you use the DCP for free or only pay for subscription, the support provided is simple with self-help resources published on the web, and technical support via phone and email that minimally ensures that your basic installation and subscription of the DCP is operational.


What are the main features of Premium Support?


We offer premium support services for more advance requirements and users. Currently we are offering premium support for:


·       Training: Online training sessions and on-site training (dependent on region) available at reasonable rates. Learn advanced usage of DCP to achieve the most from this technology. Email for quotation to arrange for experts to help you.


·       Onsite Technical Support for installation and practice setup (Victoria Southeast only): Our technician is able to assist with complicated network and server arrangements, remote access and remote application support.


All support options are listed on this page:


What are DCP Scripts?


The DCP results service forwards routine pathology and radiology results received by doctors, to patients. Thus, patients will not need to make telephone calls requesting results. Comments and guidance are included in the forwarded message. When implemented correctly it will eradicate telephone calls received at the front desk for routine pathology and radiology results. Sensitive results containing information deemed best handled via direct communication, can be handled within the DCP results system so that the result is not uploaded and the patient not notified. Full description of the service is on the webpage:


What are Plugins?


Conceptually, the plugin is small application that allows the DCP to seamlessly link to externally provided services. They can be triggered automatically, or initiated mouse clicks, e.g. in the clinical prompts or via a shortcut. Plugins are being developed for other services in medicines management, form generation and file and document management. Other services are under consideration too, like processing data from consumer/patient centric devices.


What are the 3 easiest activities you can start using the DCP for?


·       Identify MBS Item Billing identification of opportunity

·       Improve clinical recording of information

·       Maintain guideline recommended tests as up to date

Do you want to get really started?

To get really started or to obtain further information, please contact us as follows:


Phone: 03 9013 5453




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