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Decision Support - Doctors Control Panel Perspective


We have shied away from more in-depth decision support, not through lack of interest, nor fear of getting it wrong, but simply though lack of the appropriate feedback loop within software to facilitate enhancing the medical record with information valid to decision support pathways.

Recording information could be as simple as having appropriate past medical history coded items to represent information e.g. 'Declined Referral for Hepatitis C clinic'.

Alternatively, an external managed list of pathway items could be downloaded by clinical software.

Lacking the feedback loop is hindering providing clinical utility and functionality and preventing an explosion in growth of decision support.

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Rethinking clinical thinking


Would'nt it be great if clinical software had brains not just memory.

This TED talk has many pertinent observations on the deficiencies of so called 'unified' clinical systems in use overseas and should act as a warning of where we do not want to head.  Boffins can create unified health systems but it takes artisans to create useful health systems.

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DCP a safe alternative for distributing pathology results


Pulse IT magazine has published an article re DCP Results service following a previous blog I have written and follow-up interview with Kate McDonald from PulseIT.

You can read the article in its entirety here Pulse IT article

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Disseminating patient results: an alternative view?


Utilising the DCP Results Service Read More

Whats Wrong with Medical Preventive Care


OR -- Can we break down barriers and overcome inertia to change by introducing new technology?? Read More
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