How to begin - Enroll Patients for


1.  Order pathology or radiology tests in clinical software



2. DCP will display a new prompt on the panel                     *Requires current DCP license subscription to be able to enroll patients


3. Click on the Enrol Prompt  icon.


4. Complete the enrolment process .



Check the check boxes and verify mobile and DOB.

You must provide explanation for patient and obtain consent. (It is useful to show the website -->  click the 'View dcpresults website' link)



Then Click the 'Enroll patient' button.


It is a requirement to agree to follow up all patients who require discussion of results.


Note: test results can only be uploaded to if results are returned in HL7 format.

Most pathology and radiology results returned electronically are in HL7 format. Faxed/Paper results cannot be uploaded.


Download pdf - Instruction for patients





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