Subscription management is accessible within DCP

 (DCP must be running)


Click The Settings Icon and open the Licencing Tab.


Click on the Button


Open the Licencing Tab.


Dropdown box

Select current licence to manage

PayPal Button Link

Click to purchase licences.

Licence cost will be calculated based on

1. Software in use (billing or non billing)

2. Number of licences purchased


User List

Click on Blue Buttons to activate users

Click on red buttons to deactivate a licence for a user

Annual Subscription Pricing

$175 for DCP with billing support


$100 for DCP when no supported billing package in use(Pracsoft or BP Mx)


Discount of 20% for purchases of multiple licences will be applied to all but the first licence. i.e second , third etc



The manage licences page will Open and allow you to purchase licences , activate or deactivate licences for users.




(Non providers can access billing features and document creation features by selecting a licenced provider to create a document for)

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