Uploading Results to dcpresults.com

After checking results in clinical software

     Click on the DCP Results icon.



View the 'Upload New Results' tab on the dcpresults form. Select the requesting doctor from the drop-down list.











Patients previously consented to receive results within the prior 3 months having new results will be displayed, along with those results.


Filter out results that were not requested by the selecting doctor (recommended).



If results are checked into clinical software by a doctor other than the requesting doctor and you wish to upload them - leave the yellow Check-box unchecked.


Previewing Results prior to upload

Hover over the coloured area to the right of each result to see the action designation and result report.



Editing Result Comments and designations prior to upload.

Click on the coloured area to edit the result designation and comment prior to uploading.


You can set the result designation to any of the five in list below.


Uploading Results

After you have checked through the list of results to be uploaded click the Upload button to upload results to dcpresults.com

Patients will be notified by sms immediately.


Result designations - Indicated by colour of the upper triangle in each result on grid (small square if comment included)

1. No Action -Patient will be advised that No Action is necessary

2. Discuss - Patient will be advised to make a routine appointment for review

3. Return - Patient will be advised to make an urgent appointment for review

4. See Comment    - Patient will be advised to follow guidance in your comment

5. Skip - result will not be included in this upload but be available in list to upload on next load.

6. Never upload result will never be uploaded

Note that pathology lab designation is indicated on grid by the lower triangle. Red = abnormal. Green = normal, not coloured = unknown

eg.CRP is no action (green triangle),1st Full Blood is No action and has a comment.  (The lab designation is abnormal.)  ,2nd Full blood is no action with lab abnormal

Screen shot of DCP results upload list

Colour Guide to result designations

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