Productivity and Telehealth
Thursday, 19 November 2020 in General

Maintaining Productivity in Clinical Care

Clinical Effectiveness and the entire field of evidence-based medicine has evolved rapidly. For around 30 years, we’ve been talking about evidence-based medicine, and while everybody understands the concept, it’s really hard to bring it into practice, because everything changes so rapidly.

Too many patients are not receiving the appropriate levels of preventive care. And the excuse that we can’t get evidence-based patient analysis into the hands of clinicians just isn’t right anymore. Solutions get the right, up-to-date information into the hands of practitioners at the point of care. "As patients, and as practitioners, we just shouldn’t accept anything less than the best evidence-based care."

It is vital to improve productivity, because otherwise, you just grind to a halt. Not just for workflow, but because productivity is very much related to morale as well.

Why health technology is critical to support today’s ‘on the go’ practitioner

Telehealth consultations are going up at an exponential rate, and this was occurring even prior to COVID-19 given Australia’s extensive rural population. However, following the recent health crisis where many doctors and patients are forced to consult remotely, the telehealth trend will continue to grow. On top of this, the pressure is now on doctors to be working at 100% capacity onsite and offsite, managing patient outcomes on the go, while still managing their own mental and physical health by ensuring adequate breaks and downtime.

Technology enabling better care for patients no matter where they are located. These rapid shifts in the way practitioners provide care, means health technology and information systems need to support this new flexible way of health practice, in order to alleviate workflow pain points for practitioners and help them optimise health outcomes - during this era of ‘mission critical.’

It’s no wonder solutions like DCP are growing in popularity, where clinicians are able instantanousely review the preventive care status information.

Dr Anton Knieriemen, M.B.B.S is a General practitioner and the responsible party for the Doctors Control Panel Software which is used across Australia in hundreds of General Practices AntonK