Software add-on for Australian medical software (MD3, BP or Medinet)

Review BP and HBA1C

Gain valuable insights into control of BP and HBA1C.

Save Time

Automate Forms


Online web forms and pdf forms are filled in from the patients record automagically!


Performant Review

Monitor and motivate your team

Preventive Care Tasks

"If it is not measured, it is not done."

Preventive care begins with information gathering and measurement.

DCP uses current guidelines to assess status of preventive care and provide guidance on what information needs to be gathered to meet recommendations from the RACGP Red Book, Diabetes management guidelines etc.

Complex rules, flow charts and manuals of preventive care are distilled into coloured prompts simplifying assessment and determining actions.

No dialog boxes. No hunting through complex tabs and pages in software required. Information is determined from available measures and processed against guidelines.

Truly Enhanced Primary Care.

DCP offers simplification of preventive care assessment as well as reporting(paperwork).

Complete your paperwork after updating the patients preventive care items (i.e. 'go green' on the DCP panel).

Use the patient centric documents in DCP to produce plans efficiently giving you more time for managing patients.

Information on preventive care status, goals and management is included in plans made with the DCP.

Individual GP's and health teams can utilise the DCP to utilise CDM billing items.

Use the panel prompts to initiate EPC item completion.

"Complexity is the root of the problem and paperwork layered on top of complexity is ludicrous."

Distribute results (eliminate phone calls)

"Are my results ready yet?"

"Can I speak to Doc about my results?"

How much time can you save if you do not have to deal with telephone calls for results?

Send results to patients using the DCP which uploads checked annotated results to web site. The web site notifies patients via SMS when results are uploaded. The SMS includes a PIN and patients log on to website using combination of mobile number, DOB and PIN. Patients then have access to reports and comments with simple colour coding of actions they are required to follow.

Eg. No Action or Make Appointment.

Telephone calls for results can be eliminated and retain a high degree of patient satisfaction.

Available when you subscribe for DCP and includes unlimited SMS.

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