Monday, 7 June 2021 in General

Wikimed application available from Windows Store

No doubt we have all used wikipedia as a medical reference.

Now the wikipedia medical content has been curated into an offline application.

Be aware that this is a large download and requires over a gig of hard disk space.

Primarily useful for offline access scenarios.

Install from windows store



Windows Package Manager

Microsoft is developing a windows package manager which will be included in windows in future.

This is similar to chocolatey for windows and standard linux package managers.

I used the package manager to install WikiMed with the following command

        winget install Kiwix.WikiMed


For more details about how the Windows Package Manager works and Microsoft's vision for the future of package management on Windows, read Microsoft's Windows Package Manager Preview announcement and the official Windows Package Manager documentation.

The Windows Package Manager is an open-source project available on GitHub, too.

How to Install the Windows Package Manager

The Windows Package Manager is available in preview form. It will one day be integrated directly into a future update to Windows 10.

Until then...

Download the Windows Package Manager .appxbundle from GitHub. Install it by double-clicking the file and clicking �Update.�

You'll have to install future updates manually from this same download page.

In the future, none of this will be necessary and winget will be built right into all stable versions of Windows 10. As of May 2021, it's in preview.