For General Practitioners


Got an idea for improvement and Want to institute a methodology to enact improvement?

DCP Campaigns Interactions based on

  1. Sending SMS prior to appointments
  2. Printing information or enrolment sheets on arrival in waiting room
  3. Auditing practice active patients
  4. Notifying GP's during consultation
  5. Enrolling in research study

For General Practice

Run Interventions using DCP

  • Create your own interventions
  • Add Prompts to DCP
  • Easy Setup and monitoring
  • Improve outcomes
Provide researhers easy access to general practice.

Provides general practice a way to run their own interventional campaigns.

Simple setup, configuration and monitoring for reseach campaigns and interventions run in general practice.

Facilitate pre-emptive interventional research campaigns and is not limited to researchers.

DCP Matches patients can be targeted for campaigns.