Using DCP for CPD points (Audit and Review)
Thursday, 28 September 2023 in General

Your CPD requirements for 2023

From 2023, the Medical Board of Australia’s Registration Standards require all registered medical practitioners to:

  1. have a CPD home
  2. record 50 hours of CPD annually, which includes a mix of:
    1. educational activities
    2. measuring outcomes and
    3. reviewing performance
  3. create a Professional Development Plan (PDP)
  4. meet their CPD requirements annually

Using DCP to perform Audit and Review

Measuring outcomes and reviewing performance CPD tasks can be supported by using DCP.

DCP provides the Performant Charts ( accessable under functions).


Performant charts alow you to drill in to comparison charts if you are a practice manager or principle and compare all providers in the practice. If you are not a principle you will be limited to viewing just your own performance.

Either way when selecting the UTD % in the sort option on top of the performant chart form you will be able to also see the statistics for your practice and the national statistics.


The chart is arranged with the better performing providers to the left of the chart, and arranged in decreasing order.

This will give you a simple overview of performance / audit.

Combine this overview with performing your own review of relevant clinical research on subject matter to make a submission for your accreditation requirements.

When you submit you can take screen shot of the performant chart to support your submission.

Here we have my supporting screenshots for submission of pneumococcal immunisations Recording Performance and Measuring Outcomes.