DCP is your Personal Assistant

Analyses for required preventive care activities.

80+ preventive care and billing recommendations.

Generate reports and CDM paperwork.

NCP Guides the team.

Provides guidance on activities for nurses.

Optimises time spent with patients.

Generate reports and CDM paperwork.

For GP's

Delivering Efficient and Effective Preventive Care.

Real time analysis of evidence based guidelines.

Billing insights to drive improvement efforts not just farming MBS Items.

For Practice Nurses

Nursing tasks optimised for practice roles.

Complete paperwork and patient assessments faster and easier.

Workbooks for waiting patients and pending appointments to guide activities.

For Principals

Use Performant charts to visualise practice status. Compare national statistics on clinical and billing performance.

Guide your team by learning DCP and leading improvement efforts.

DCP has been on market and leading the way for over 10 year.

For PM's

Use Business Intelligence dashboard in DCP to chart practice and doctor billings.

Provide your team with tools to improve by promoting preventive care with billing incentivisation that is core to DCP.

Rest assured in the knowledge that DCP has been leading for over 10 years.


Importing pdf email attachments into Clinical Software made easy.

DCP Document import utility simplifies import of pdfs received from fax service or scanned pdfs.

Extracts text - sender name is matched to address book, recipient to doctor and subject patient is matched to patient from database.


DCP does not sell or send your data to third parties.

DCP collects data on performance and allows you to chart the data but no third party has access to your data.

We store settings and other deidentified data in Australian Azure data centre under strictest guideline recommendations of privacy.

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Consultation Guidance

DCP provides consultation guidance on preventive care. GP's achieve better situational awareness on patient status. Fast and thorough patient assessment is augmented using DCP.

Intelligent Analysis

Intelligent software with ability to analyze and interpret data then present analytics concisely can be a powerful tool for helping users make more informed decisions and improve outcomes. It can provide significant benefits over a user interface which mimics an underlying tabular database structure with simple 'lists'.

Essential Toolbox

DCP is designed from the ground up to provide a simple and easy "happy path" through rapid integration with clinical software.

DCP is self updating

What good is awesome tooling if maintainence is troublesome. DCP is updated regularly to match changing medical and government guidelines.

DCP Software

Proud silver partner of Best Practice

Australian, local, medical experience backing DCP.