Nursing Control Panel
NCP - Personal Assistant

Analyses required preventive care activities.

80+ preventive care and billing recommendations.

Analyse the waiting room at a glance, or scan through pending appointments.

For Practice Nurses

Nursing tasks optimised for practice roles.

Complete paperwork and patient assessments faster and easier.

Create flags for pending patient appointments and get notified with a popup on arrival.

For Principals

Assists nurses to manage preventive care for waiting and pending patients.

Guides your team by providing structure for nursing work items.

NCP is based on the same leading technology as the DCP.

For PM's

Less nursing down time and structured preventive health interventions for your team.

Provide your team with tools to improve by promoting preventive care with billing incentivisation that is core to NCP.

NCP will empower your staff to become more efficient and effective.

Get started immediately - install NCP. No sales people or quotes. One month trial included.

Note: For Database connectivity with BP Premier - Third Party Integration must be enabled in BP settings by your practice manager or IT team.

Installation Page - Get Started Now! History and About NCP

NCP provides many features for streamlining preventive care. Become familiar with ways to improve workflow by learning about these features.

Learning Resources Basics

Training media and contact details to arrange training on-site or via remote session.

Subscription Information Support Options
Data Privacy

NCP does not sell or send your data to third parties.

NCP collects data on performance and allows you to chart the data but no third party has access to your data.

We store settings and other deidentified data in Australian Azure data centre under strictest guideline recommendations of privacy.