Install Nursing Control Panel


NCP is a powerful tool for improving preventive care provision.

Quick Start

NCP requires a supported billing software to be in use by the practice to be able to access billing features of NCP. NCP integrates with the apppointments and waiting room features of the supported billing software.

Supported billing software includes Best Practice Billing and Pracsoft.

The easiest way to get started is to simply install NCP using Option One and explore the application.

Important: BP Premier users - Jade Configuration Required See how to Configure for Jade

Option 1: Install NCP via clickonce

Standard install

Recommended for most users.

Click to install

Installs NCP for the current user only. Does not require administrator privileges

Important: BP Premier users - Jade Configuration Required See how to Configure for Jade

There's no setup.exe unlike other applications. Double click on the downloaded application file to install NCP. A Start Menu item is created under "Doctors Control Panel".

Option 2: - Beta version of NCP

NCP Beta Install

For testers requiring the latest development build(Fast Stream)

Click to install

NCP Beta -- Features Updates occur frequently ~ weekly

Trouble Shooting installation

Note: if error occurs during install or update try disabling anti-virus temporarily (have seen this issue with Trend Micro AV, however no issues running the NCP application )

UAC Prompt

For first time installation you may need to verify installation using the windows UAC prompt


Windows Security UAC

The NCP executable is signed with publishing certificate. This allows extraction of the certificate and installation into the the trusted publishers store to prevent the UAC prompts of windows.

The publisher certificate and instructions are available Publisher certificate instructions .

Child Pages

Technical Requirements

Medical Director 3

SQL Connection Debug

(How to Debug persistent failure of NCP to Connect to database)

Best Practice Jade Configuration

A simple configuration change is required to be performed by your practice manager or person with sufficient security privelege within Best Practice Settings.

UAC Windows

How to  use the signing certificate for NCP to eliminate the UAC dialogs that occur when NCP updates or is installed for the first time.


AppLocker  is included with enterprise-level editions of Windows.