Tips for Effective Use

Effective Use

Scan the Prompts

The NCP panels and prompts are designed to be scanned quickly.

Train yourself scan the prompts.

Apply discipline in utilising the prompts.

Follow the prompts:

The software prompts are designed to guide your preventive care efforts and help you identify potential health risks for your patients.

Be sure to follow the prompts and consider creating an action plan.

Actions might be to bring the patient in to the nursing area to measure BP that is overdue along with weight measurement and height measurement.

Each prompt on the panels can be clicked to provide further information.

To update the prompt and 'Go Green', you will need to update the relevant underlying data in the clinical software.

Begin discussion on overdue immunisations and other overdue preventive care.

Consider billing for 10997 or equivalent.

Consider whether the patient would benefit from a care plan.

Consider the patient's individual circumstances:

While the software prompts can be helpful in guiding your preventive care efforts, it's important to also consider the unique needs and circumstances of each individual patient. Take into account the patient's age, medical history, and other relevant factors when making decisions about preventive care.

Communicate with the patient: Make sure to communicate with the patient about the preventive care recommendations provided by the software. Explain the rationale behind the recommendations and address any concerns the patient may have.

By following these tips and using software prompts as a guide, you can effectively utilize this tool to improve the preventive care you provide to your patients.