About Subscriptions for NCP

NCP requires a supported billing software to be in use by the practice to be able to access billing features of NCP. NCP integrates with the apppointments and waiting room features of the supported billing software.

Supported billing software includes Best Practice Billing and Pracsoft.

NCP will run in trial mode for one month with access to most features allowed during this time. Uninstalling and re-installing does not reset the trial period.

NCP requires subscriptions for access to most advanced features and billing features beyond the one month trial.

NCP subsription is practice-wide and only one subscription is required per practice.

NCP subscriptions are for 12 months and access to subscription management and purchasing is only available from within the NCP.

Who requires a subscription

Continued use of NCP beyond one month trial will require subscription for access by nursing staff.

Does not require subscription.

Doctors do not require subscription for NCP with DCP recommened for GP workflow instead.

Annual Subscription Pricing

Subscription Price
Annual NCP $350

Access Subscription Purchase

(NCP must be running with a patient opened in clinical software)

Open the Settings via the icon at top. 638403621760715326

The licensing functions of the NCP can be accessed by anyone running the NCP.

You do not need to have a pre-existing subscription.

You do not need to be a provider.


Purchase new or renew Subscription

Access the subscription management from within NCP as outlined above.

Click the Button 'Purchase subscription for Nursing Control Panel'


Click the orange button whick will open paypal.

You do NOT need a paypal account.

You can pay with a credit card. Look for the 'Pay with a card' button.


While you are on the paypal site the NCP will display a waiting screen.


When completed purchasing NCP will detect the payment and update its licence subscription state.

Or simply restarting the NCP will also detect any subscription status change.

Subscription Nearing Expiry

When a subscription is within one week of its expiry date a message will display on the application and the purchase subcscription button will be visible in settings. You can purchase a renewal and the remaining days of the subscription will be added to the new subscription.

Child Pages

Subscription Pricing

Nurses and Practice Managers using NCP will require a subscription to use the service(beyond the one month trial).

Purchase SMS Credits

SMS Credits can be used by any NCP user to