Best Practice Jade Configuration

Bp Premier Required Configuration

A simple configuration change is required to be performed by your practice manager or person with sufficient security privelege within Best Practice Settings.

You can request your practice manager / IT team to make the change for you.

Doctors Control Panel Services Pty Ltd is a trusted Silver partner with Best Practice and has over 10 year history of providing software to General Practice.

Your practice manager and IT team can rest assured that your software environment remains secure and furthermore NCP is going to help you be more effective in your work.

Join the growing community of professionals using NCP.

How to Configure Best Practice Premier

To set up the partner integration access Bp configuration (menu Setup->Configuration)

Click  'Setup third-party integrations' and Select 'Doctors Control Panel' from the third-party integrations list.

Note that Nursing Control Panel uses the same permnission set as Doctors Control Panel.



If you are getting errors stating 'Cannot set application role 'BPP-166' after previously working correctly

This error is known to occur after server upgrades for Best Practice Premier.

The error is caused by the Best Practice Premier server table permissions being overwritten by the upgrade and not re-assigning the permissions to the NCP application.


To resolve this issue, please follow the steps below:

Remove 'Doctors Control Panel' from the list of third party applications in Best Practice Premier settings and then re-add it.

  1. Open Best Practice Premier and log in as an administrator
  2. Go to Best Practice Premier Settings
  3. Go to the 'Database' tab
  4. Open the 'Third Party Applications' section
  5. Untick the DCP application and click 'Save'
  6. Open the 'Third Party Applications' section again
  7. Tick the DCP application and click 'Save'