History of Nursing Control Panel


In 2007 the first version of the software known as DCP was created and in 2008 it was released for general use.

Very soon it peaked the interest of many savvy users.

There clearly was a need for some form of smart analysis within clinical software.

Over subsequent months, then years the functionality of the DCP was enhanced and expanded.

Ship Control Panel

The name 'Doctors Control Panel' is modeled after 'Ship Control Panel'.

A 'Ship Control Panel' (also known as Christmas Tree) on a submarine indicates the status of hatches, vents and floods. It required all indicators green before allowing the sub to dive.



Nursing Control Panel

Nursing Control Panel is derived from the Doctors control panel software to provide a similar functionality for nurses, but with a focus on allowing scanning multiple patients.

Nursing Control Panel provides the status of recommended guidelines for patients waiting or pending.

Spending a few minutes reviewing pending appointements can yield a treasure trove of activities which can be performed by the nurse.

Streamlining the work-flow of the nurse to implement preventive care is the primary goal of the NCP.

From patient case identification, flagging and implementing interventions will lead to greater patient satisfaction, better outcomes and improved teamwork.


Clinical improvement with better outcomes and accreditation requirements are more easily satisfied when using the NCP.

Patient satisfaction improves through provision of more complete preventive care pre consultation.

NCP introduces new work-flows, particularly with the provision of preventive care, and streamlines existing work-flows.

The future

Development and support of NCP is a now a full fledged family member along with the DCP and will benefit from ongoing development and support.

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