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Patient Centric Documents

The Patient Centric Documents feature is a special purpose templating system built into DCP.

Team Centric Documents

Create Documents for upcoming appointments based on the same templating system as the Patient Centric Document Feature

Envelope Printer

Access via the button in functions.

Document Importer

Document Import Utility (DIU) is aimed at busy practices utilising scanners to import documents into clinical software.

Automate Web Forms and pdf

Inserts values automatically into on-line web forms and pdf documents.

Automate Clinical

Send Keystrokes sequences to clinical softwar.

Results Service

Forwards Routine pathology and radiology results received by doctors, to patients.

Sticky Notes

Patient Sticky notes are to assist detail remembrance outside of clinical record providing a vivid visual reminder.

HMR Referral

Sends HMR referral to selected pharmacist for completion of Home Medicine Reviews.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence allows simple charting of billing performance.

CV RISK Calculator

2023 Version calculations are adapted to the latest version of the online calculator.

Performant Charts

Performant charts (the evolution of PDSA-Plan Do Study Act).

Basic Statistics

Harness the power and flexibility of DCP to search on CDM MBS items.

Improvement Projects

DCP Improvent projects are small bite size projects that you can undertake via patient file reviews. Perform a review of patient records having coding or data defficiencies and implement incremental improvement. These tasks enhance file accuracy and utility.

Custom prompts

Harness the power and flexibility of Custom prompts on DCP.

Waiting Room and Pending View

What needs to be done for pending and waiting patients and what can you prioritise?

Pending Appointments View

Will display a row of DCP Panels representing patients having upcoming appointments on the day

Performant Highlights

This feature is available to all users of the DCP by enabling within settings.

Telehealth Video Peer to Peer Consultation

This feature has not recieved much development effort as I seem to be always drawn to developing more critical medical features rather than this technology. There are several commercial solutions which can perform far better than the DCP video link. It is likely this will be retired from DCP unless I get time and motivation to work on it. My primary reservation is simply this. Video conferencing is hit and miss with regard to the ability for patient to connect, on time, and manage to achieve good connection and satisfactory outcome. In 30% of attempts the patient will not connect and requires switching to telephone consult. This can be overcome with SMS messaging for patient to connect , notification of patient waiting and other enhancements. maybe for the future.

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