Subscription Pricing

Who requires a subscription

Providers within a practice wishing access to full DCP features will require a subscription..

Nurses and Practice Managers will not require purchase of a subscription.

Annual Subscription Pricing

Subscription Price
Annual DCP with billing support in use(Pracsoft or Bp Management) $192
Annual DCP with billing no supported billing package $110

Billing support is automatically detected and pricing applied during purchase which is done within the DCP Settings-> Licencing page.

It is not possible to choose to downgrade from billing to non-billing package.

Bulk Discounts

Discount of $30 for purchases of multiple licences in a single Paypal transaction, will be applied to all but the first licence. i.e second , third etc

Enterprise Pricing

Pricing on large purchases of 10 or more subscriptions will have automatic enterprise discount applied.

Subscription Period

From early 2019 licence subscriptions can also be purchased for 6 months or to match an existing active licence expiry date.

Part Time Doctors and Registraars

DCP subscriptions are per provider and not differentiated through other factors such as part time.