DCP results service summary:

Forwards Routine pathology and radiology results received by doctors, to patients.

(patients will not need to call for results)

The message to patient can include GP comments

Urgent and Non-urgent recalls must be addressed by a practice recall system.

Using DCP , patients must be consented and enrolled at time tests are ordered.

Using DCP, results for enrolled patients are reviewed then uploaded from DCP.


  1. Enrol patient:

    1. When ordering pathology or radiology
    2. Click on the patient enrolment form icon on DCP  . The enrol button appears after you have ordered a test in clinical software.  DCP updates every minute.  You can force refresh of DCP to immediately detect tests requested by clicking the refresh icon  .
    3. Consent the patient
    4. Validate patient’s mobile number and DOB
    5. Click on Enrol patient button
  2. Check your results into clinical software:

    1. Enter designation (no action, discuss etc) and any comments
    2. Patients will be able to see designation and comments.
    3. Comments will be uploaded with the test report.
  3. Determine results to be uploaded:

    1. Click on DCP Functions   icon  then Click on DCP results service
    2. This will open the results upload form.
    3. Review all results shown in the grid – to see reports simply hover over the triangular markers on result names to display test reports.
    4. You can change comments by clicking on the markers.  Comments and designations can be altered or result marked as do not upload.
    5. All tests for an individual patient can be marked as ‘Do Not Upload’ by clicking on the button labelled ‘Do Not Upload”
    6. Click on the ‘Upload Results’ button at top to send results (takes about 1 min)
    7. After clicking the upload button the mouse cursor will change to a wait cursor
    8. After upload is completed the mouse cursor will normalise and the ‘Upload Results’ button will be disabled.
      1. SMS sent to patient that new results are available to view online:
      2. Patient to follow instructions to website
      3. Use the 4 digit PIN (with DOB and Mobile) to access.
    9. After uploading results switch to the uploads history if you wish to review uploads sent or view online individual patients results.
    10. Note: There is no facility to edit online result via the web portal or cancel once sent.

Important Note

When the SMS results service started in 2014, SMS cost 3 cents when purchased in bulk. Currently it is averaging 8-10 cents even though twilio advertises 5.5 cents for SMS from Aus. DCP may be undercounting SMS segments. For the reason that the SMS service costs are no longer covered by subscription revenue, it has become necessary to increase the price of DCP or implement SMS credit use for results service. Thus the decision has been made to

  1. Implement SMS credit use for the results service
  2. Reduce the purchase cost of SMS to at or below bulk cost.

This is the best solution to keep the results service going. It will cost 2 SMS credits (approx 16 cents) to enrol patients.

Child Pages

Enrolling Patients

How to begin - Enroll Patients for dcpresults.com DCP Results is a subscription only feature of DCP.

Result Upload

Results are available to upload for enrolled pattients after new results (pathology and radiology) are checked into clinical software.

Results Checking

The DCP results service has been running since 2017.