Custom prompts

Harness the power and flexibility of Custom prompts on DCP.

It is easy to utilise the DCP to create custom prompts for patients matching custom criteria.

The example below demonstrates creating a custom of patients having:

Click Settings Icon




Select Custom Items Then click on the small button to right of Custom Items


Click Add


Then customise the name and description

Setting Growl to true will highlight the prompt on the DCP panel when the prompt is shown

Select Rules and Click on the small button to edit the filter which determines when the prompt is shown

edit rules

Select Filter and Click the button to right to create and edit the filter.

edit filter

![edit rules filter arrow]](/assets/images/pimage220x557.jpg)

Click the small down arrow on the add button and choose FilterMedication

edit filter medication

filter list for selection

Expand 'Value'

Click Button

Search medication metformin

Add by clicking '>'

add metformin

Filter list

Click the small down arrow on the add button and choose FilterNOT


Click Button to edit sub filters

sub filter edit

Click small down arrow.

diabetes added to filter

Add two FilterPastHx and configure with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Then Click OK four times (to close each dialog window)

Save the Settings

save and close

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