Purchase SMS Credits

SMS Credits Usage

SMS Credits can be used by any DCP user to

  1. Send Arbitrary SMS which include the sender phone as the practice telephone number




Cost of SMS sending depends on the length of message.

Long messages are sent as SMS segments. Each segment allows ~ 150 char and costs one SMS credit. Segments are reconstituted to single message on recipient mobile.

  1. Enrol patients in the Results service offered through DCP.


The enrol button appears after ordering tests(pathology and radiology)


Enrolment form allows verbal consent, explanation and checking details.

It will cost 2 SMS credits to enrol patients. SMS credits are not required for uploading results.

Check Credits and access to Purchase SMS Credit Buttons

There are buttons allowing access to SMS Credit check and purchase in 3 areas of DCP

  1. Send SMS Function
  2. Results Enrol Function

Sms btn

  1. DCP Settings SMS purchase from settings

These display the current SMS credits and when clicked open the purchase SMS form.

To Purchase SMS Credits

After purchase the SMS credits will be topped up for the practice by the amount purchased and immediately available for sending SMS.

Begin by clicking one of the three SMS Credit buttons.

In the SMS Purchase overlay, set the quantity.

Smspurch P P

Then Click Orange PayPal Button.

sms purchase spinner

DCP will open a web page on Paypal and enter a waiting state.

Complete you purchase order on PayPal - Use the Button 'Pay with Credit Card'